DiskDigger Serial Key + Portable

DiskDigger is a device that undeletes and recuperates lost records from your hard drive, memory cards, USB streak drives - and so on! Regardless of whether you incidentally erased a few reports or photographs from your PC, reformatted your camera's memory card, or need to perceive what records are sneaking on an old USB drive, DiskDigger is here for you. 


DiskDigger can recoup erased records from most sorts of media that your PC can peruse: hard circles, USB streak drives, memory cards, CDs, DVDs, and floppy plates. 

DiskDigger has two methods of activity which you can choose each time you check a circle. These modes are designated "burrow profound" and "burrow further." Here is a fast rundown of highlights for every mode: 

Burrow Deep 

Undelete records from FAT (FAT12, FAT16, FAT32), NTFS, and exFAT segments. 

Recuperate any sort of record. 

Channel recoverable records by name and size. 

Sort recoverable records by name, size, date, and registry. 

Burrow Deeper 

Sweep (cut) whole circle for hints of explicit record types. 

Upheld document types include: 

Photographs and pictures: 

JPG - Pictures put away in advanced cameras and on the Web (Joint Photographic Experts Group) 

PNG - Portable Network Graphics 

GIF - Graphics Interchange Format 

BMP - Windows and OS/2 bitmap picture 

TIFF - Tagged Image File Format 

ICO - Windows Icon 

ANI - Windows vivified cursor 

CR2 - Canon crude picture 

SR2 - Sony crude picture 

NEF - Nikon crude picture 

DCR - Kodak crude picture 

PEF - Pentax crude picture 

RAF - Fujifilm crude picture 

RW2 - Panasonic/Lumix crude picture 

LFP - Lytro crude picture 

MPO - Images from 3D cameras (Multiple Picture Object) 

DNG - Adobe Digital Negative 

SVG - Scalable Vector Graphics 

HEIC/HEIF - High Efficiency File Format picture 

PSD - Adobe Photoshop picture 

RAS - Sun raster picture 

PSP - Paint Shop Pro picture 

Thumbcache - Windows thumbnail store 

IFF - Amiga pictures and other media 

Workmanship - AOL Art pictures 

WMF - Windows MetaFile 

EMF - Enhanced MetaFile 

WMZ, EMZ - Compressed MetaFiles 

DICOM - Medical imaging group 

WEBP - WebP pictures 

PCX - ZSoft PCX pictures 

CDR - CorelDraw pictures 

INDD - Adobe InDesign archives 

CP - Adobe Captivate archives 

Man-made intelligence - Adobe Illustrator records

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