HDClone makes physical or legitimate duplicates (clones) and document pictures of hard plates and different mass stockpiling media. HDClone is an ideal instrument for reinforcements and duplicates of whole programming or working framework establishments. An exceptional 'SafeRescue' mode makes HDClone a significant device for protecting damaged hard circles and other media. HDClone works free of apportioning plan, document framework, and working framework. It likewise works with restrictive organizations which generally would be unaccessible. 

• make duplicates and pictures - even of the framework volume - while Windows is running 

• access to exceptional media and controllers (SCSI, SAS, RAID, Dynamic Volumes ...) 

• utilizing commonplace Windows drive letters 

Each HDClone programming bundle currently contains a Windows program (HDClone/W) notwithstanding oneself booting program (HDClone/S). Since both are worked indistinguishably, you don't need to change over when exchanging between HDClone/s and HDClone/W. 


The Professional Edition of HDClone is considered for every day and expert use. Its FastCopy mode and uninhibitedly selectable division regions give experts and experts greatest speed and adaptability. HDClone Professional Edition bolsters SCSI hard plates and Firewire (IEEE1394) mass stockpiling (SBP2) just as SAS and RAID with HDClone/W. 

NEW: Partitionselect 

Permits to choose at least one parcels of a circle to be exchanged, without replicating every one of the allotments. This spares space on the objective drive, making it conceivable to utilize a littler target or utilizing the extra space for the rest of the segments. The extraordinary thing about Partitionselect is that it exchanges the required information in one single step, regardless of what sizes the parcels have or how they are organized. In this manner, replicating the parcels in addition to different changes will be perfomed with no additional time required and HDClone will at present work at its greatest speed. 

Record pictures - Smart, RAW, packed, scrambled - NEW: QuickCompress 

Rather than an immediate duplicate from medium to medium, you can likewise store an accurate picture of medium in a document picture. Alternatively, the picture might be made packed or encoded. With QuickCompress, this requires no additional time for compacting. These record pictures can be put away, filed, or transmitted through system and the Internet. They can be reestablished 1:1 to a medium which at that point carries on simply like an immediate duplicate had been made. VMDK pictures can be specifically utilized as drives in VMware virtualization programming. HDClone additionally makes a VMX document consequently. 

Miray Virtual Disk (MVD) - NEW: Accessing system shares specifically 

From the Basic Edition on, HDClone incorporates the product "Miray Virtual Disk" (» variant review). You can utilize this product to mount document pictures that have been made with HDClone as virtual Windows drives. This enables you to get to documents and organizers in a picture straightforwardly without reestablishing the picture to a physical circle previously. Pictures can be gotten to peruse just or writeable. 

Defragmentation 'on the fly' for NTFS and FAT 

HDClone can play out an ideal defragmentation on NTFS and FAT volumes amid duplicating or reestablishing from a document picture. This defragmentation just needs a small amount of the time generally required for defragmentation. Thus, it expends no extra time contrasted with the replicating itself. 

HotCopy and LiveImage 

HDClone now can make duplicates and document pictures of drives and segments amid Windows activity - notwithstanding for the framework volume. 

Quicker with SmartCopy mode 

HDClone makes consistent area duplicates (SmartCopy) of FAT, NTFS, and ext2/ext3/ext4 document frameworks in just a small amount of the time generally required - yielding an identical outcome. SmartCopy can clone a whole Windows XP base establishment in under 20 seconds for instance. 

AutoExpand - upsizing 'on the fly' 

Let HDClone upsize your FAT, NTFS, and ext2/ext3/ext4 parcels naturally on the fly amid replicating. 

Scaling back 'on the fly' for NTFS and FAT 

Have HDClone scale back your NTFS and FAT segments naturally on the fly amid replicating. This enables you to alter segment sizes amid cloning or to relocate to littler media. Ideal for moving to (generally littler) SSD drives. 

Whats New: 

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