HomeGuard Professional 6.7.1

HomeGuard Professional 6.7.1

HomeGuard Professional is a simple to utilize action checking instrument for following and controlling the utilization of PCs in home and office systems. HomeGuard records web movement and naturally obstructs all grown-up and improper substance in sites notwithstanding adaptable site square and permit records and separating dependent on document types (e.g.: exe downloads or online blaze amusements). 

It likewise records definite reports on use of projects including dynamic use time, run time, data transmission utilized, mouse snaps and keystrokes composed in each program with the choice to square or time limit certain projects or diversions. Also screen catch, intermittently or dependent on explicit exercises, visit and email checking and sifting, printer and USB gadgets observing and blocking, Internet time limitations, arrange association observing and separating, email notices and the sky is the limit from there. 

HomeGuard Professional 6.7.1

HomeGuard runs, as a matter of course, in stealth mode totally covered up and imperceptible, in any case, it tends to be set to demonstrate alerts to clients when anything is blocked. Whichever way it is uninstallable, unclosable and can't be avoided utilizing intermediary servers. 

Key Features: 

Pornography sifting dependent on sites content not simply names 

Programmed content separating of sites, talk messages and email for explicit or improper substance or for a rundown of words characterized by you. Web content sifting can't be evaded by the utilization of intermediary servers, all Internet traffic is separated paying little mind to ports or goal, all while keeping the utilization of CPU and memory to a base using propelled hunt and recognizable proof calculations, in this way adding next to no to no overhead to PC and Internet speed. 

Sites obstructing by name or URL, boycotts and whitelists 

Square access to sites in a predefined 'square' list. Or on the other hand permit get to just to sites on a 'permit' list, hindering every single other site. Recorded subtleties incorporate time spent on every site and which program was utilized to visit the site. As in substance/pornography separating over, the utilization of intermediary servers to crush sites blocking won't work. 

Time and occasion based screen captures catch 

Take screen captures at predefined interims and times of day and long stretches of week. As a matter of course HomeGuard will take screen captures at regular intervals ordinary yet can be set to take screen captures as frequently as at regular intervals. It can likewise take screen captures when a site is visited, a watchword is discovered, a talk message/text or Email is sent or got, a program is begun, a document is printed or it can record screen captures of blocked occasions as it were. 

Confine programs/diversions use times or totally obstruct a program 

Set the occasions at which each program can be utilized and for to what extent. Or then again totally obstruct certain projects. This element is planned with over the top/addictive gaming as a top priority. Blocked projects can't be opened by renaming or moving the program, when a program is added to a blocking list its mark is registered and spared and it will be perceived regardless of where it is on the hard circle or what its name is. 

Keylogger Tool 

Unobtrusively record all keystrokes composed including usernames, passwords, talk messages and messages alongside the season of composing for each fragment, program the keystrokes were composed in and window title at the season of composing. HomeGuard keylogger incorporates full help for dialects utilizing non Latin contents (Unicode). 

Web look checking and blocking 

View words hunt down in all web crawlers and square pornography content in indexed lists by implementing Safesearch. 

Limit Internet and PC use times 

Set the season of day or potentially long periods of week at which the PC and Internet can be utilized. Time confinements can't be controlled by changing framework time, naturally HomeGuard squares framework time changing for all clients and you can characterize a rundown of clients to permit to change time. 

Nitty gritty program use insights 

Record absolute running time of projects and genuine time spent on each program, what number of words and characters composed and how often the mouse was clicked in each program, all out bytes sent and gotten by each program and that's just the beginning. 

Web documents content sort blocking 

This element is fairly radical however can demonstrate useful...Blocks Internet content by sort, for instance you can bock all online video and blaze (for example PornTube and such yet in addition YouTube, Metacafe, Vimeo...etc) other site page components will in any case appear (except if they were of blocked sorts as well) yet all recordings will be clear. Utilize the inherent rundown of sorts (incorporates: exe downloads, contents, recordings..) or include a custom (MIME) type. 

System observing and blocking 

Permits observing and hindering of individual Internet associations by port and IP addresses. Can be utilized to obstruct certain Internet conventions (for example Distributed document sharing.) HomeGuard additionally endeavors to distinguish convention kind of the association and will demonstrate definite insights of the association's span and transfer speed utilized. 

USB stockpiling media observing and blocking 

Screen and alternatively square removable gadgets like USB thumb drives, outer hard disks...etc valuable for averting sharing of explicit documents or securing your PC against infections and spyware transmitted on thumb drives. 

Record observing and blocking 

Screen and square erasing and moving of records. 

Printer screen 

Screen printed records and additionally square printing inside and out. 

Client and time explicit observing 

Pick which clients to screen and at what times.

HomeGuard Professional 6.7.1

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