Overloud Gem Comp670 1.1.0

Overloud Gem Comp670 1.1.0

Comp670 is the Overloud entertainment of an uncommon amazing cylinder blower. It has an exceptional and unmistakable tone on account of vast measure of transformers in the flag chain which gives it an extremely warm tone. 

Overloud Gem Comp670 1.1.0

Hyper-practical reenactment of the first unit on account of the fourth era dsp innovation 

Three unique units reproduced, with different elements and hue 

Worked in Parallel Compression 

Delicate knee/hard-knee control with the extra DC Threshold parameter 

Worked in channels on the Sidechain 

Meter Calibration: adjust the VU meters at 4 distinct sensibilities 

Staggered fix re-try 

A/B Comparison 

Loads of presets planned in genuine blending sessions 

Scrawl Strips: take notes anyplace on the module board 

Whats New: 

Updates: official site does not give any data about changes in this form.

Overloud Gem Comp670 1.1.0

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