Mirillis Action! 3.9.5 Multilingual

Activity! permits ongoing chronicle/catch of Windows Aero work area in a wonderful HD video quality. With Action! you can record web player recordings, your interactivity, show game framerates, add live sound discourse to make amazing instructional exercises, record music, catch screen captures... and that's just the beginning! 

Record your ongoing interaction in HD. Benchmark recreations execution. 

Activity! extraordinary execution and GPU usage permits the smoothest constant HD interactivity video recording ever! Show present and normal game framerate (FPS) amid interactivity and spare your benchmark results. 

Smooth Windows Aero HD work area recording, simple instructional exercise creation! 

Activity! characterizes another standard of execution and client experience for ongoing work area recording programming. Record smooth high framerate HD recordings of your dekstop and applications movement, include mouthpiece sound analysis and make incredible instructional exercises easily! 

Continuous web recordings recording. Record what you see. 

Record recordings from sites and different applications progressively. Activity! permits to record recordings from characterized show locale, chose application window or in fullscreen mode. With Action! you can record recordings from ANY web player, regardless of which video administration you are utilizing! 

Fare your accounts to prevalent organizations and gadgets! 

Select one of numerous predefined profiles and push a catch to send out your chronicles to well known organizations, most loved interactive media gadgets, Facebook or YouTubeâ„¢. Spare vitality and time utilizing upgraded and equipment quickened video sending out with NVIDIA® CUDAâ„¢ or Intelâ® Quick Sync Video advances. 

Transfer to YouTube or Facebook 

Fare and transfer your chronicles to well known administrations and informal organizations like YouTubeâ„¢ and Facebook. Activity! gives predefined sending out profiles to YouTubeâ„¢ and Facebook, simply push a catch to trade and naturally transfer your chronicles to your preferred administration quick and simple. 

Catch screen captures 

With Action! you can catch different screen captures of your amusements or work area. Simply press a hotkey and screen capture will be spared legitimately to a record on your hard plate without intruding on your work or interactivity. 

Record live sound analysis 

Activity! permits to record extra live sound critique amid interactivity or dekstop recording making simple making of instructional exercises and game stroll through recordings. Mouthpiece settings give full control of amplifier input volume and blending level with framework sounds. 

Easy to understand and a la mode interface 

Activity! is reduced, a la mode and easy to use. 

Worked in directors for accounts, benchmarks and screen captures permit to peruse, erase chosen things and fare chronicles to well known arrangements and gadgets. With remarkable execution and smooth plan Action! characterizes new standard of client experience for amusements benchmarking, ongoing interaction and work area constant chronicle programming. 

Record what you hear! 

Activity! can record all that you hear on your PC. Sound chronicle work permits to record all sounds, music and game sound. Utilizing receiver you can without much of a stretch make digital broadcasts. Additionaly Action! can encode continuously the recorded sound in M4A group, making the recorded sound documents little and minimal. 

M4A sound account will be avialable in free update. 

Play in HD - record in SD. 

Ultra-effective video recording! 

With Action! ultra-effective 480p video recording you can record your HD ongoing interaction or HD work area for an extremely prolonged stretch of time, sparing circle space. Upgraded 480p video recording mode offloads your PCs CPU and hard plate permitting smooth and comfortbale gaming and working. 

Simple video chronicles playback. 

Activity! incorporates an inward ultra responsive player advanced for crude high-bitrate video chronicles playback. Double tap video recording thumbnail on the Action! rundown to begin playback!

File size: 80 MB

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